The Rise of Brain Tumors in the United States

In United States, there is a high concern relating to cell-phone radiation as the number of brain growths reported has more than doubled in recent years. The rise of brain tumors in the United States is a matter of grave concern. GBM referred to as Glioblastoma, climbed up from 2.4 to 5.0 per 100,000 people in United States in between 1995 and 2015. New study concerns what could be driving the rise for these figures and previous research studies on this similar topic briefly recommendation how cell phone use can potentially be connected with brain growths and changes in the brain.

A study published by “The Journal of Environmental and Public Health” kept in mind that, “the information analyzed in the research study only reflect trends in brain cancer cases and did not clarify why these patterns could have occurred. However, the scientists pointed to examples of the way of life factors that they think might have played a role.”

  1. Because of Cellphone usage

A lifestyle factor they are referring to is the increase in cell phone use. Think of this. When was the last time you left your house without your cell phone? Did you return to get it? Individuals are ending up being a growing number based on their cellular phone. This electronic gadget does whatever for us and most people can’t go a day without their cell phone. However, it can effectively be the reason these numbers are increasing as time passes.

According to the “National Cancer Institute in the United States,” our use of mobile phone has increased rapidly, and the variety of phone calls we make and the length of those calls likewise have increased. With that stated, how anxious should we be? The United States Food and Drug Administration keeps in mind that “given that mobile phone produces low levels of radio frequency energy that are non-ionizing, they’re ruled out strong enough to completely damage our biological tissues.” Although this radio frequency energy is a type of non-ionizing radiation, the tissues in our body that are closest to our phone can absorb this energy (consider your head when you are holding your cell phone during a telephone call).

  1. Because of Cellphone Radiation

While the scientists were comparing the numbers from 1995 to 2015, they discussed that atomic bomb screening and ingesting/inhaling radioactive compounds as a possible factor that contributed to the increase in glioblastoma medical diagnosis. They also mentioned traffic-related air contamination in addition to cell phone use could be apart of that equation as well. Out of all these things said that could be credited to this rise in numbers, should we be more concerned with cell-phone radiation?

Mr Shahab, a senior lecturer in epidemiology and public health at a University College, stated in a composed declaration released by the Science Media center that, “This paper provides evidence for an increase in particular malignant brain tumors in United States, showing that occurrence has more than folded the last two decades. What the analysis does not show is that this increase is brought on by smartphones.” It is necessary to keep in mind that in this particular research study, details about connecting mobile phone use and brain tumors were excluded for a variety of reasons. Shahab, even more, describes that “if such a link were discovered, correlation does not indicate causation.” So, in other words, even if an increase in brain growth incidence appeared to take place at the same time as a rise in cell phone use, that does not mean one triggered the other.

Now, with all of that said, the rise in deadly brain growths to mobile phone usage stays “speculative,” and although the increase in numbers taken place in United States, this doesn’t mean we should not need to worry about this happening all over worldwide. The study got criticism, and Alasdair Philips, the lead author of the study and a trustee of Children with Cancer US., said: “he would ask, exactly what else could be contributing to the boost in brain growth occurrence?” Furthermore, he states, “It has to be a relatively universal thing or change in lifestyle that would cause such a trend.”

  1. Because of Cellphone Usage

Cell phones are used every day, for both leisure and work. This small electronic gadget helps us stay connected to our loved ones using phone calls and text messages, and on top of that, enables us to remain even more connected with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram (to name a couple). The variety of smartphone customers around the world is estimated to be 5 billion, inning accordance with GSMA, a trade association that represents the interests of mobile operators, and we are beginning to see a younger generation of cell phone customers varying from 8-18 years of age.

Now, with the brain growths increasing in United States, and the massive boost of mobile phone customers worldwide, should we be worried about the negative results of cell phones? The answer is YES! Do not wait till somebody you know and enjoy is affected by this to take action on your health.

If you missed our last article concerning an article posted by “The Nation,” and how cell phone business isn’t telling you the whole truth, you could read that here. From there, you can decide if a mobile phone is on track to becoming a gadget that keeps us connected or slowly damages us a growing number of every day.

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