screentime and exposure for kids

New Recommendations For Your Kid’s Screen Time and Exposure

“The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently provided strong recommendations on media usage for kids. Big news headlines suggest elimination of the previous “no screens before age two” suggestions (see NPR’s American Academy of Pediatrics Lifts ‘No Screens Under 2’ Rule and KQED’s American Academy of Pediatrics Says Some Screen Time is Okay for Kids […]

Pile of smart phone, less radiation

Which Phones are Emitting Less Radiation

Is your phone  emitting less radiation? Find out on this list Lance Harper – Cellphone Safety and Protection Having currently exposed the current phones which give off the most radiation, this chart looks at the opposite end of the scale. While definitive longitudinal research study on the results of cellular phone radiation is still challenging […]

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What Cellphone Companies Doesn’t Tell You

WHAT CELL PHONE COMPANIES AREN’T TELLING YOU. FACTS REVEALED Home Industry News What Cell Phone Companies Aren’t Telling You. Truths Revealed – Lance Harper Remember the Big Tobacco, and remember the story about how they lied to customers about precisely what cigarette smoking does to you? It wasn’t until 2006 when they last told the […]

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The Rise of Brain Tumors in the United States

How the Brain Tumors in the United States In United States, there is a high concern relating to cell-phone radiation as the number of brain growths reported has more than doubled in recent years. GBM referred to as Glioblastoma, climbed up from 2.4 to 5.0 per 100,000 people in United States in between 1995 and […]

teens using smartphone

Time check: Teenagers Phone Usage

Relationship in between RF-EMF and the Adolescent’s Brain Data shows that more than three-fourths of teenagers now own a smart device. It does not come as a surprise since their generation grew with the fast improvements in technology, such as mobile phones. Holding a cell phone has ended up being more of a necessity for […]

Reduce Your Phone Radiation!

Lab Tested & Proven: Ways To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation And EMF’s By 99%

How i reduce my radiation up to 99%  I am continuously in search for the most recent and most prominent when it pertains to health products and health innovation. It’s my task to be on the cutting edge. Just recently I was browsing David Avocado Wolfe’s Facebook page, and a video captured my eye. Remarkably, […]

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5 Ways to Protect yourself from Phone Radiation

How can you avoid phone radiation in simple ways? 1. USAGE AIRPLANE MODE Most people have no idea this. However, lots of phones now have a function that permits their cellular phones to be utilized on aircraft. Since aircraft mode cuts off all wireless transmissions from your cellular device, it likewise stops all threat of […]

Radiation sources and what to do in case of Emergency

What are the Sources of radiation? Radiation is the energy launched from atoms as either a wave or a tiny particle of matter. Radiation illness is caused by exposure to a high dose of radiation, such as a high dose of radiation received throughout a commercial mishap. Typical direct exposures to low-dose radiation, such as X-ray […]

Signs of Radiation

Radiation sickness and signs

What are the signs of Radiation? what sickness you may get from it? Radiation illness is damage to your body triggered by a significant dosage of radiation frequently received over a short period (acute). The quantity of radiation soaked up by the body– the absorbed dose– determines how sick you’ll be. Radiation illness is likewise […]

Cellphone Safety and Privacy

12 Tips on Cell Phone Safety and Privacy

Lance Harper – Tips on CellPhone Safety and Privacy As mobile phone end up being smarter, they’re more like minicomputer systems that contain lots of personal details about us. Here are 12 simple steps to take to manage your privacy and safety when using your cell phone. 1. Put a passcode on your phone. The […]