5 Ways to Protect yourself from Phone Radiation

How can you avoid phone radiation in simple ways? lets look at 5 ways to protect yourself from phone radiation:


Most people have no idea this. However, lots of phones now have a function that permits their cellular phones to be utilized on aircraft. Since aircraft mode cuts off all wireless transmissions from your cellular device, it likewise stops all threat of mobile phone radiation too! So if you’re not using your phone for an extended period, then either turn it off or put it on airplane mode. Because the phone uses less energy to run when cordless transmissions are halted, it also saves battery, which makes your innovation utilize just a tiny bit more useful.



Where is the primary location to carry a cell phone? For the ladies, it might be a handbag, but for everyone purse-less males and females, our default bring vessel for phones is most commonly our front pocket. But when you start to consider that your mobile phone is mostly a mini antenna continually receiving and transmitting details, then the proximity of the front pocket to specific … Ahem… organs end up being a significant concern. The response? If you bring your phone in your pocket, then either turn it off or put it on plane mode. If there are potential health hazards for having a phone near your head, then you can imagine the threats involved with carrying it right next to your infant maker.



For many people, the cellphone follows us all throughout the day, even into the bedroom. Many people position their cellular phone at their night table before capturing their nighttime Z’s and think nothing of it. However many professionals believe that this not only interrupts sleep, however, can aggravate some of the potential health threats. If you sleep an average of 6-10 hours a night with your phone within a six ′ radius from your head, then you’re just intensifying your direct exposure. Again, either turn your phone off or put it on plane mode and utilize it as your alarm clock as I do. Similarly, wifi routers need to avoid of the bedroom as well, and some sleep experts even suggest getting rid of electronics from the bedroom entirely. You do not need to go overboard, but start considering developing a space that is ideal for sleeping, and relegate electronics to other parts of the house.


As apparent as it may appear, sending out a text to someone needs a lot less signal power than calling your family and friends. So when it’s appropriate, choose to send out texts instead of investing those extra minutes talking on the phone. Although you might appear like an automaton to older generations, texting is the method to go if you’re aiming to prevent unnecessary radiation direct exposure.


There are a few of these on the market, and we anticipate a full range of products to appear in the wake of this news. The innovation works similar to a stethoscope and permits the user to hear their telephone conversations without the use of wires, which conduct possibly damaging mobile phone transmissions straight into the user’s ear. Among the most highly regarded products in the marketplace for “radiation complimentary” headsets is called “blue tube” innovation. Look around and see which one fits your particular cell phone. If you’re not in a position to buy a new headset, usage speaker mode when talking on the mobile phone and location your phone a minimum of 5 feet far from you, but not so far that the person on the other line can’t hear you. Once again, the farther, the better.

The internet (as constantly) has a myriad of info surrounding cellphone radiation and EMF (electromagnetic field) direct exposure. Lance Harper, in particular, has been alerting the general public about the dangers of cell phone radiation for several years, as well as started a website dedicated completely to the study of EMF’s. While he’s known to be a bit of a salesperson at times, it doesn’t challenge the fact that he has originated much of the existing medical advocacy surrounding the prospective threats of EMF’s and cell phone radiation. So, e.

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